WBOB Professional Disc Jockey Service

WBOB Professional Disc Jockey Service


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About Us

djWBOB is a professional service that specializes in weddings and events. Our mission is to provide top quality sound while filling the dance floor with you and your friends. Our set up is neat and organized, our ability to work with people is our forte and we will pull from hundreds of performances over the past 35 years to give you the best entertainment possible.

An added benefit to you is that we have the experience and technical know how to advise you on logistics, organization and support for your wedding or event. From giving you the low down on other vendors to stream lining events for a flow to suit your needs, our experience means your guests have a great time.


  • Flexible and Easy to work with !!
  • professional equipment and a huge music library
  • more than 30 years of experience


Barn at Flanagan Farm
The end of a night to be remebered
Set up for the Ceremony
My corner in the Barn
Under the tent after this couples big day
Dinner is served
Cake by the Ocean.  What a wedding at the Mooring Bed and Breakfast.  Georgetown, ME
Cocktail hr. under the tent at Mooring Bed and Breakfast.  Georgetown, ME