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The Climate Initiative



About Us

The Climate Initiative (TCI) is a non-partisan, non-profit organization, that educates, empowers, and activates youth voices for climate action. We believe youth are key to solving the climate challenge because they influence and foster climate concern among their parents, communities, and decision-makers.

TCI was born out of three impassioned educators deciding to tackle Kennebunkport’s changing climate head-on, by empowering high school and college-aged youth to action by connecting them to their local landscape. This award-winning, project-based curriculum was developed in partnership with the Gulf of Maine Institute, The University of New England, RSU 21, and the Kennebunkport Conservation Trust and grew into youth-led conversations with policymakers that in turn created real action, mitigation and change.

Our goal is to replicate and expand on this success to catalyze climate action with youth across the U.S. and beyond. TCI aims to educate, empower and activate 10 million youth to reach this goal by 2025.


The Climate Initiative: Empowering Youth Voices for Climate Action
Meet the TCI Team! Photo taken at our first ever full Staff Retreat in Maine, Summer 2021. Our staff is located across the nation!
TCI Team where it all began; on Goat Island! Goat Island is so special to TCI due to our roots in the Gulf of Maine Field Studies Class, a curriculum in partbership with RSU 21, The University of New England, Kennebunkport Conservation Trust and the Gulf of Maine Institute.
You can call us TCI!