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Rockin’ Horse is located in picturesque Kennebunkport Maine and has been owned and operated by Vincent and Susan Thelin since 1994. Since first opening the doors of Rockin’ Horse we have welcomed thousands of people from all around the world for horse-drawn rides; despite loving our work with the horses we were ready to give Rockin’ Horse a new life. We have decided to no longer offer rides and instead are excited to start hosting weddings, parties and events! For the revitalization we have meticulously worked to convert the barn that was built in 1905 into a beautiful location for your next event. In addition to the indoor space we also have prepared our grounds to host outdoor wedding ceremonies in our white gazebo. We can’t wait to continue the tradition of inviting you to our farm and look forward to seeing you at your next event!


  • Barn Weddings
  • Outdoor Ceremonies
  • Wedding Gazebo
  • Special Events


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