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Unique bags designed and made using vintage fabrics (at least 30 years old), recycled materials like suit jackets, jeans, drapes, seat belt webbing and new materials. My goal is to create a bag that is functional yet fun and whimsical.


  • Bags that convert to Backpacks http://www.oldbagzz.com/Convertibles1.html
  • Clothesline Collection. http://www.oldbagzz.com/Commuter.html
  • Perfect Little Bags. http://www.oldbagzz.com/Accessories.html
  • Big and Beautiful Bags. http://www.oldbagzz.com/Large%20Totes%20and%20Overnighters1.html


Medium Convertible Tote (converts to a backpack) made from vintage Barkcloth
Large Commuter. Holds a 15" laptop. Made from 2 wool suit jackets.
Medium Asymmetrical tote. Made from jeans, vintage images and fabrics.