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Gorman Foundation Continues Advocacy Program for Children with Cancer

SACO -- HomeHealth Visiting Nurses received a second $25,000 award from the John T. Gorman Foundation to continue highly specialized social work and advocacy services for children and families coping with the challenges of cancer. Grant funds will also support the advancement of Telehealth aimed at extending care services. Although advances in the detection and treatment of childhood cancers are helping children live longer, there is a significant physical, social, financial and spiritual impact for the child and family.

As the leading provider of pediatric in-home services for the region, HomeHealth Visiting Nurses has recognized that children who are being treated for cancer have different emotional and social needs than adult populations. To better meet the needs of children, HomeHealth Visiting Nurses has recruited an expert social worker to support program development and advocacy for children and families. The program aims to improve the transitions of care as children move across healthcare settings from home care to hospitals to treatment centers. Central to this program is the early identification and coordination of community resource. Donna DeBlois CEO notes ?we are grateful that the Foundation has recognized the importance of this work and is supporting further development?. Services will be in partnership with the Agency?s pediatric program that include nursing care, physical, occupational and speech therapies, nutritional counseling and palliative care.