Declutter Me

Declutter Me


Personal Assistant / Organizing Services

About Us

Declutter Me tackles clutter and organization with a lot of patience and a dose of humor! Focused on ADHD/executive function clients; elders; and the chronically busy and overwhelmed.

Some people think organizing is something everyone should just be able to do; and it’s simply not. Whether you are seeking help because you just can’t get your head above water with the household clutter, or you have ADHD or another executive function challenge, I can offer guidance and hands-on help to implement successful organizing strategies that work.

You may have limited time, struggle with the process, or simply feel overwhelmed by your belongings. If you are neurodivergent, it can be physically and mentally exhausting and keep you from even starting.

Living and working in an organized way starts with decluttering and editing, and for many people, making decisions about what is essential (or not) is the most challenging part of getting organized. If you do nothing else after decluttering, you will still feel less overwhelmed and your home will feel more organized!

I will guide you through the decision-making process, help you stay accountable, and motivate you to reach your organizing goals.

I'm passionate about helping people live more organized lives. Everyone deserves a space that reflects their style and supports well-being!