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Student-driven, Family-Centered, Community-Oriented Learning

At School Around Us, now in our 50th year, we are embracing the pioneering spirit once again as we join the movement of independent learning centers and co-learning communities that are creating educational worlds that disrupt the status quo of existing approaches to public and private schooling.

We bring together young people, educators, families and our extended community to create a participatory, learner-driven environment grounded in meaningful relationships, which expresses the world we would like our children to live in—a world where all are supported to be self-aware and engaged global citizens.

As a Co-Learning Community, School Around Us serves Youth ages 5 - 13 who are registered (or will be) with the State of Maine as homeschoolers. We do this through Full-Time (5 days per week) and Part Time (2+ days per week) enrollment options.


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