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About Us

We welcome you aboard the Rugosa. Our popular tour is known as one of the top-rated boat attractions in the region. We are the only lobster boat tour in Kennebunkport, Maine, hosted on a traditional wooden Downeast-style lobster boat.

Rugosa’s lobster tour offers the most exclusive, personal, and educational cruise in Kennebunkport. We sail from the beautiful Kennebunk River waterfront at the historic Nonantum Resort & Marina.

You can now join us on a scenic ride of the Kennebunkport coastline and the Kennebunk River while learning about the oyster industry and how to shuck the tasty crustacean on our Oyster Farm Tour. You will get to sample some delicious, fresh Maine oysters visiting Mere Point Oyster Farm.

This is a great way to combine a scenic boat ride with a first-hand experience of one of Maine’s burgeoning sustainable fisheries.

Rugosa’s Lobster Tours now brings you a taste of your adventure! For over a dozen years, Rugosa Lobster Tours has been offering a premium, hands-on lobster experience to both tourists and locals, earning a well-deserved reputation for excellence.

We are now delighted to extend that same exceptional Rugosa experience through Rugosa Fresh Lobster, a top-tier overnight lobster delivery service. From the pristine shores of Maine to your doorstep within 24 hours, we’re committed to maintaining the same high standard of customer service and product quality that we’ve upheld on our tour boat over the past 12 years.