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On his way home from a long day's work, a young man driving his horse-drawn cart in Kennebunkport came upon a group of good-looking city girls who asked him for a ride. He couldn’t believe his luck and obliged. The gleeful teens chatted and sang as they went. All was merry until they came beside a quite normal-looking grassy knoll. Suddenly the young man and his passengers were screaming in terror. The formerly placid horse suddenly spooked, leaping away from the hill and racing down the road, nearly overturning the cart. As he grabbed the reins tight, the young man turned to see a pale apparition just 10 feet beyond, floating above them. About the size of a woman in long, snow-white trailing skirts, the frightful thing kept ahead of the panicked horse for almost a half a mile.

It was this ghost story and its stunning epilogue that forced famous poet and famous local Silas Perkins to seriously reconsider his skepticism about the paranormal. The evidence forced Silas to admit ghosts might actually exist. After our tour you may very well do the same.

Expect to hear more documented ghost stories like this from the history of Kennebunkport and neighboring Kennebunk. Strange tales from haunted hotels and inns abound as does mysterious maritime history. Supernatural stories of this community feature roaming spirits, Spiritualist seances, and a poltergeist.


  • Hear the hair-raising story the Harriman family and the poltergeist that destroyed their happy home.
  • Explore the supernatural side of celebrities like Booth Tarkington who summered in the Kennebunks.
  • Fathom the seafaring yarns of haunted lighthouses, dire premonitions, ghost ships, and sea serpents.
  • Expand your knowledge of neighborhood ghosts including the "Rustling Lady."
  • Marvel at Kennebunk's connections to the Salem Witch Trials.


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