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Dianna Anderson Fine Art - Oil Paintings



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“Each oil painting offers an opportunity to share my visual experience.''

''Most of my work begins en Plein air (outdoors) so that I can express nature's grand poetry first hand. Creating interpretations of those ethereal moments, I pursue the interaction of light, atmosphere and color with form using oil paint. In my work, I strive to reveal the experience of seeing and feeling that momentary 'something special' which inspired me. It is my hope that the joy and peace I feel when I am painting transfers into my work conveying a respite of serenity to the viewer."

Dianna is an award winning artist whose paintings can be found in private collections and juried shows across the country.

Studio visit by appointment.

DIANNA ANDERSON STUDIO - Oil Paintings: Kennebunk. www.diannaandersonart.com / (207) 651-1043

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  • en Plein air oil painting
  • seascapes and landscapes
  • Professional Fine Artist
  • Realism
  • Impressionism


'Unitarian Universalist Church of Kennebunk' 16x20 Oil
'Indian Point, Georgetown' 9x12 Oil
'A Place To Be' 9x12 Oil
'Morning Tide' 11x14 Oil
'Incoming Tide' 12x16 Oil
'On the Rocks' 6x8 Oil
'Erin's Pleasant Skies' 24x30 Oil - commission
'Rush of the Tide' 6x8" Oil - sold
'Village Home' 6x6" Oil - sold
'Parsons Beach Knoll' 6x6" Oil
'Harpswell' 12x16 Oil - sold
'Water Ballet' 11x14 Oil
'Waterlilies at Botanical Garden' 8x10 Oil - sold
'Carriage House' 8x10 Oil - sold
'Courtyard Rendezvous' 16x20 Oil - sold
Plein Air Painting
'Dinner for Two' 18x24 Oil
'Summer Bay' 24x36 Oil
'Oaks Neck, Kennebunk' 12x16 Oil