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About Us

the daily sweat is a yoga and barre studio focused on helping individuals and families find health, wellness and community.

our mission is to ensure that every person that walks through our doors feels welcomed, safe and inspired through a balanced wellness program that will stretch, strengthen and get your heart pumping.

We believe in being “present where your feet are”. When we walk through our doors, we arrive. To support you. We want to ensure that every class you take goes above and beyond anything you could ever imagine. We aim to have you leave with new energy, new love and new fire for the amazing person you are.

We are fanatical about inclusion in our community. We strive to be a home filled with people who are more different than alike. We believe that old and young both have something to teach one another, every shape and size can lift one another up, every emotional state needs a hug AND a high-5 and every person deserves to feel like they belong.

We are growth-minded. We believe that our only competition is who we were yesterday. We make vision boards, we share our assets and we inspire ourselves too. Because we can’t change your world if our world isn’t continually changing too.

We believe in showing up for others with our hands, our hearts and our minds. We believe if you share with us what is broken, we can fix it. And we will. We know we make mistakes and when we do, we own them. We believe we are here to support our community and it’s because of our community that we are here.

Every. Single. Day. We choose sweating because we believe in what we do.


  • Buti Yoga: A class known for it’s cardio intensive bursts of dance, movement and conditioning.
  • Vinyasa: flow and unity of breath and movement within the body
  • Barre: tone and sculpt muscles using free weights, props and a ballet barre.
  • Sculpt: heated flow with different resistance based equipment - bands, weights + pilates rings.
  • Bounce: rebounders are here! a low impact, heart pumping workout that gets your sweating with strength sequences.


we offer a wide range of classes including: hot sweat + flow (vinyasa), sweat + shake (barre), hot sweat remix (bikram style), the daily restore (yin) + more. Mom + me options are included weekly + we also offer several workshops weekly.
outdoor classes offered at Goochs, The Nonantum, Colony Hotel, Vinegar Hill
our boutique a wide range of apparel including Lululemon, Beyond Yoga, Alo Yoga, Spiritual Gangster, Manduka + more for both men + women.
buti include some cardio + lots of cathartic release.
flow with us daily + catch a variety of other yoga classes too.
mini rebounders are an excellent way to get cardio in, it's low impact + lots of fun.
the daily restore includes slow flow, restorative and yin practices + is offered twice weekly.
barre classes incorporate different strength + resistance equipment to tone your body head to toe.