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Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Maine


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Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Maine creates and supports one-to-one mentoring relationships for youth, ages 7 to 17, throughout Cumberland and York Counties.

Children and teens are matched with a carefully screened, trained, and committed volunteer mentor (Big), whose purpose is to assist their mentee (Little) in recognizing and achieving their biggest potential.

We offer two types of programming, Community-Based and Site-Based Mentoring. They each have slightly different requirements and expectations. Both entail a one-year commitment from the time you are matched, but most of our matches go well beyond that one-year mark.

By partnering with parents/guardians, volunteers, and others in the community, BBBSSM is accountable for each enrolled child achieving educational success; avoidance of risky behaviors; higher aspirations, greater confidence, and better relationships.


  • Maine has the highest % of children with mental health disorders, reporting numbers of 1 in 4 vs. 1 in 6 nationally
  • 1 in 3 young people will grow up without a mentor
  • Research confirms that quality mentoring relationships have powerful positive effects on young people
  • Through consistent guidance, support and encouragement, mentors help young people set goals and achieve them
  • There are currently 40 kids waiting for a Big in Southern Maine


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