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At AWOL we celebrate freedom and escape. Located in a pine grove and tucked into a quiet neighborhood, AWOL KPT is just a short walk to the harbor and all that is happening in Kennebunkport's Dock Square. It's a juxtaposition just like Maine—serenity amidst activity. Private but with plenty of opportunity to interact with other travelers. Isolated but central.

Be in the middle of it all—feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere. Whether you’d like to take in the sunset from a secluded spot, people-watch from a nook with your favorite person, or join the conversation and relish the energy that’s created by the spirit of strangers and friends coming together, we’re here for you. Come as you are, celebrate your individuality, and nurture the part of you that wants to connect to the whole. We just want you to be you.


  • Complimentary artisanal toast bar
  • Working fireplaces in most guest rooms
  • Private outdoor gathering spaces at every cabin suite
  • Free high-speed Wi-Fi throughout property
  • Bicycles and beach chairs for guest use


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