Simple Joy Living, LLC

Simple Joy Living, LLC


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Life and leadership coaching & consulting for women who want to live and lead with simplicity and joy. Offered through one-to-one and group coaching and 30-minute to multi-day workshops and retreats.

Writing and research on women's leadership, sustainable community development, slow travel, rural women entrepreneurs, simple living, and joyful living.

Simple Joy Living, LLC was founded by Lisa Luken, ACC who is an international speaker, writer, coach, consultant, and researcher. Lisa is completing a master’s degree in Leadership Studies and a Certificate of Graduate Study in Food Studies and plans to pursue a Ph.D. in Leadership Studies. Her research focuses on the role of women leaders in sustainable community development in Maine and the Arctic. She is also an International Coaching Federation Associate Certified Coach (ACC).

Lisa brings 16 years of corporate financial leadership experience plus 9+ years of entrepreneurial experience to her work. Her mission is to support and tell the stories of women leaders throughout the world.